Joseph Lepore has gained much experience through years  of teaching music to students of all levels and ages around the globe.  

He is available for private lessons: Ac.bass (jazz and Classical), El.Bass, music Theory, Harmony, jazz performance.

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Here's a brief summary of J.Lepore's teaching experience: 



  • "Mumble Rumble", Salerno, Italy ('80-'90): Ac.bass, El.bass, jazz combo
  • "Accademia Romana di Musica", Roma, Italy (late '90): Ac.bass, El.bass



  • "Brooklyn-Queens Conservatory of Music", NY (2006-2008): Ac.bass, El. bass
  • In various public middle and high schools in St. Louis, MO under Chamber Music America (2009) sponosrship
  • In various public elementary and high schools in the NY metropolitan area 

West Africa


  • "Insaac", Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire head of "Atelier du Jazz" Sep/Oct 2008
  • "Muson", Lagos, Nigeria  
  • "Ballanta", Freetown, Sierra Leone
  •  Douala, Cameroon 
  •  Accra', Ghana 
  •  Libreville, Gabon 
  •  Cotonou, Benin 
  •  Lome', Togo